Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No schedule for a week

What should be my goal for the week: Time management skills. Again. It is now 4:44am and I was supposed to sleep 3:44 hours ago. I stayed at the office almost 5 hours later than I'd intended. I also arrived there about 3 hours after I'd thought I would because I spent 4 hours working immediately beforehand, on my laptop at Fenway, that I hadn't planned...

Hypothetically, I "need" to be on top of the schedule pile and on time, instead of under and behind. I don't feel harried and rushed, actually - I'm very laid-back about time. It'll happen eventually, yeah. Will it be horrible if it's not done 5 minutes from now? 10 isn't too far off. It's almost the opposite of the stereotypical American attitude towards time.

I could try just not keeping a schedule at all. My calendar will instead function as a reminder of things I'd like to do (to varying degrees).

I could do that.

So let's try something. No schedule. From now until next Friday, no schedule. I'll keep my current appointments (I really only have meetings scheduled for the next two days), but once those two days pass, it's a "when the mood strikes me, or when people ping me and I feel like it" adventure. Let's see if this makes me more productive.

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